Yoeleo Wheel Review

We just received a set of Yoeleo 58mm Carbon Fiber wheels and decided to do a quick unboxing video.

I also added my review at the bottom of this post after ~1500 miles of training.

58mm Carbon Fiber Tubeless Clincher Wheels

I threw them on the scale for a quick weigh and shared the reason I picked them over other more well known brands.

Yoeleo wheel weight

The weight also came in surprisingly under the advertised 1630g. I grabbed the SL (super light) version of the wheelset with lighter novatec hubs and cx-ray spokes.

Tubeless Tire Mounting Video

These are super easy to setup as tubeless, as you don’t need to add a rim strip or tape. These tires were a bit more challenging than others that I’ve since tried.

(Challenge Strada TLR tires + Goat Head Sealant) with Molly Cameron

First Riding Impressions

I’ve put ~1500 miles on the wheels so far. Riding in Ireland, Spain, California, Mexico, and Portland, OR.

They are surprisingly stiff for the weight. I consider the feel to be similar to the Enve wheels I’ve used in the past and stiffer than my previous carbon wheelset (HED).


I had a massive flat after hitting an unseen object during a night ride and it knocked the front wheel slightly out of true, but that was to be expected with the impact.

I also had to true them again a month later, but it was after packing them on six airplanes. I probably need to start using a more padded bag!


I’ve noticed them in extreme crosswinds. They’re a bit harder to handle than my HED 90’s, but feel similar to my previous ~60mm Enve wheels.

Overall Review

So far, for the money, these are a great race and training wheel set and I recommend them to all of my friends. I’m probably going to get another set for racing. I currently have my eye on the 88mm deep set, possibly tubular. They’re some of the best performing wheels in existence per Hambini’s magnificent aero test.

They’ve been reliable, the hubs have been great, and the price is awesome.

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